Thoughts 5/28/2017

Good memories contain the seeds of peace and happiness; cherish them…bad memories not so much…abandon them.

The more you search the “world”, the less you find anything of substance worth dying for or living for, you will need Faith to find that.

Sin will continue to metastasize in your life, at the cost of your and others happiness, and the terminal loss of peace in your heart.

The price you will have to pay, for what you should not have, is having a whole lot of more what you did not want.

Discipleship is made up of repentance, plus faith, multiplied by love for the brethren, times love for your enemy, which will result in joy.

Foolishness is wasted by the young and cherished by the old.

Love brings the challenge of understanding and forgiveness; hate only creates barriers and ignorance.

Any religion that teaches you to “hates” is a cult of wickedness. Christianity religion is the one that teaches you to “love” brings compassion.

Whatever I have has me; whatever I give serves me.

Unhappiness is the plague of the unbeliever; especially when they see happiness pursuing the Faithful.

The weight of evil crushes the good but the tenacity of good pushes through evil exposing the better yet to come.

Love can be given by the poorest, received by the worst, empowers the weakest and builds up the strongest; and it is perfect for everyone.



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