Thoughts 5/28/2017

Evil stains, good is quickly celebrated, only what is done in love brings long termed comfort.

It took years to realize that many of my ” standards and convictions” were based on someone else’s opinions that were based on someone else’s opinions.

Forgive more often than you need forgiveness…it is a great habit and you are always a step ahead.

When I realized it was too late, it was too late.

I use to know a lot, as I grew older, I realized what I knew was not a lot.

The man who says he can’t, won’t.

To not be able to do something one must simply decide that he can’t. Most every discovery was at one time labeled “impossible”.

Love digest pain; hate festers it. Feast on the moment; it is the only feast of any day.

When you live your life with a sense of “eternity” life gets really good.

Anti-war protesters must thank the soldiers, of many conflicts, for their freedom to protest, and weak politicians for the freedom to loot.

To be better than someone else is vanity, but to be better than you were is victory. It is only being better than you were that matters.

Lighting a light in someone else’s life always help you see better for your own journey.

Most hate is fear in action; fear is the mother and the father of hate. Love is both the lack of fear and the conquest of fear.

Sin is unacceptable, regardless of its label or how many folks think it is okay, or those who think a sin, should be, or must be acceptable.

Man’s greatest weakness is resisting who they are to become. Running away from how you should be is running into failure.

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