Thoughts June 2

Christianity hardens your resolve against sin and softens your heart towards the sinner.

You may not always know where you are going but you can see your next step so move forward, never backwards, except to change directions.

Sometimes, God blesses you because you ask for help, sometimes because you need help, and don’t know¬† it, and sometimes He just wants to bless you.

It is always a hard week when you have weak faith but weak faith grows into to a strong Faith, so keep on keeping on, a going and a growing.

“Free speech” is the cry of the offender wanting to justify a verbal assault. But it is called slander when someone uses against them.

Love is always complicate and wonderful as it strengthens or weakens, its ebb and flow thrills or saddens; love is preciously priceless.

No consequences are ever born alone, be they good or bad.

Sad is the man who cannot pray; hard is the heart of the man who will not pray.

Giving without loving is like serving stale bread. It is good for nourishment but leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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